Black Lives Matter with Bettina & Shaona - Inspiration Series

mardi thomas_video mardi_thomas_video video Jan 02, 2023

"Humanity is to love everybody." ​

Bettina and Shaona are two wonderful mothers, who want a better world for their children and the next generation. Both are very passionate about any form of injustice, discrimination, abuse and childrens rights. They hope that through education and awareness, change will prevail. And believe that we have the power to change society narrative, if we all unite as one.


In this interview we shed light on:

  • Experiences with Racism at a young age
  • Explaining Racism to Children
  • Education of Black History  
  • Microaggressions and Judgement
  • Being part of the CHANGE!


  • How we really need to take a look at own thought processes and behaviours that may have been taught as children, whether it is conscious or unconscious.
  • Education needs to teach the whole scope of history. Shaming the actions of the past instead of glorifying it

  • Being Canadians vs. Immigrant - discover your roots, be proud and educate yourself. This humbles us.

  • White Privilege and what it means
  • Acknowledgment and calling out RACISM out any time you see it or hear it. 
  • Take Action - Starting from within! Speak when it is uncomfortable. Doing it imperfectly is better than when you do nothing at all.

QUOTES TO FILL YOUR SOUL from Bettina & Shaona:

  • Let’s judge ourselves based on character because with character we have choices… But to judge somebody based on their physical appearances or something they can not choose I think that is extremely unfair.”
  • “My motto in life has always been I will never silence myself just to make someone else feel comfortable. If I have to speak I will speak!”
  • "...people may say mean things but just always remember that you are loved, you are smart, you are beautiful, you are able to accomplish wonderful things in this world and don’t let anything that anyone else says get you down. And just continue to still be nice to that person regardless.”
  • "It is very important to you love yourself. Once you love yourself it is easy to love others. Educate yourself. Read more than one article. Step out of your comfort zone. It all starts at home."

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