“Don't give up and don't let anyone decide your end goal.” -Francesca Brunsden

inspiration series video Jan 02, 2023

Francesca is a mum of 3, Founder of Frannie and Co, Mindset Coach and community builder, living in Toronto. It is her mission to create a safe, judgment-free space on the internet to share stories both her own and others, where she can build you up and create a community of like-minded supportive women, sharing experience and connections. As a Mindset Coach, she loves sharing tips on how to reframe your reality, to help you rise above your circumstances and transform your life. Francesca is also a Co-Founder of Side Hustle to CEO, a unique online, community-based learning program, dedicated to helping women turn their side hustle into their dream career.

“I have full control of everything that comes out of my mouth”- Francesca Brunsden

Francesca shares her experience around child loss, grief and challenge,  to educate and connect mothers during a time that feels isolating. She believes that surrounding yourself with great people provides the support needed to help through difficult times. Francesca also believes that what you choose, how you act and what you are saying can determine the outcome of your situation.

In this interview, we shed light on:

  • Not being understood after the loss of her child;
  • Moving on while dealing with trauma through the pandemic;
  • How having the right mindset can carry you through your healing journey;


  • What you do and how you talk can actually make your situation worse and draw others away from you;
  • The words you speak should be in line with what you are seeking out;
  • Change what you're doing if you want to see good results;
  • Be grateful for what you do have.


  • “No one's coming to save you but yourself”
  • “You have full control of everything that comes out of your mouth”
  • “Focus on wherever you're at with your journey”
  • “No one can fix you but yourself”

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