“I needed to take a chance on myself, push myself, and reawaken a side of me that I was ignoring" - Emily Getz

inspiration series video Jan 02, 2023

Emily Getz is a fertility advocate, who lives in Toronto with her husband and son. She recently launched the Day 1 Podcast, a show dedicated to the unspoken side of fertility. The podcast brings together moms, dads, parents to be, doctors, specialists and healers to help break stigmas, normalize the conversation, bring education to the fore-front and most importantly build a community so the journey doesn't feel so lonely.


  • You can have a beautiful life and want more. You can keep on living and still have goals;
  • Waiting versus Creating
  • The energy you bring to something is what you receive.
  • It is with a zoomed out view that you allow yourself to see your place within your journey.
  • It is more important when you’re in your moments of waiting that you use your tools to create. It is through creating that you not only help yourself, but you could unknowingly help others.


  • “All the ups and downs have been part of my portage and the deep knowing that there is water waiting for me at my journey’s end.”
  • “Maybe I need to take a chance on myself, and push myself and reawaken a side of me that I have just ignored”
  • "If I can take something that has been very hard on me and turn it into a world of impact, it puts meaning behind my story and specifically Rub and gives her a beautiful meaning for me. That meaning allowed me to keep going instead of being a victim to it"

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