“In the journey of life we’re not supposed to see through people, we're supposed to see them through” - Mardi Thomas Goodman

inspiration series video Jan 02, 2023

Mardi has been a therapist for over 40 years and is currently relationship consulting. She is also the author of “What Your Mother Never Told You About Love, Sex and Power: The Inner Power Process.” She is one of Dr. Jodi’s greatest mentors and a dear friend.

In this video Mardi and I shed light on relationships dynamics between parents and children and how our own childhood can dictate how we show up for our children. Tune in to hear Mardi's words of wisdom when communicating with your children.


  • Unmet needs in, Marti Thomas Goodman's opinion, are the root cause of some of the biggest mental health issues we face as a whole.
  • When it comes to parenting, listening is key, avoid lecturing and focus more on listening and being present for your child.


  • “What I start with parents who have been chronically cheerleading, and fixing and helping and caretaking and lecturing and all that stuff...I start with “Shut Up”, I start with silence”
  • “Give [your children], your friendly ear, instead of your friendly mouth”

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