"Once you've got courage, you have more courage." - Marie Bates

inspiration series video Jan 02, 2023

Marie Bates is the Founding Principal of Children’s Garden School (CGS) since 1986. CGS is a Private, co-educational school for children from PreK to Grade 3. They currently have just over 100 students enrolled. Marie leads a staff of 20 teachers. The school is located in the heart of Leaside. Their goal continues to be to keep the heart in education and we are known for our small classes, individualized academic curriculum and an emphasis on character education and development.

Marie is a proud mother of 3 grown children and happily remarried for the past 12 years. Marie has been a cancer survivor of almost 10 years.

In this interview, Marie Bates and I shed light on:

  • Her personal pivot she needed to make with COVID;
  • How she was able to inspire her staff and students; and
  • Her use of Glennon Doyle’s “We Can Do Hard Things” approach.


  • How to make it work through COVID;
  • How a positive attitude can change everything.


  • “We can do hard things.”
  • “Once you've got courage, you have more courage"

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