“We need to learn how to bring LOVE into every aspect of life” - Marti Glenn

inspiration series video Jan 02, 2023

Dr. Marti Glenn is dedicated to helping people transform their lives. As co-founder and Clinical Director of Ryzio Institute, she conducts professional trainings and intensive retreats that make it possible for anyone to move beyond coping into thriving.

An award-winning and pioneering psychotherapist and educator, Marti has served as founder and CEO of a number of successful companies and non-profit organizations. Marti is the founding president of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute - a Masters level program for psychotherapists.


  • Epigenetics, Polyvagal, Neuroscience all come to the same conclusion -
  • We need three things to transform our lives: 1. An experience/feeling of safety 2. An experience of who you truly are 3. This experience to be witnessed by a caring other
  • The importance of the VAGUS NERVE in human development - and why we need to nurture this to feel safe in our bodies
  • You cannot give your kids what your parents did not give you – unless you work to CHANGE THIS
  • What is emotional presence? Emotional presence requires slowing down, coming into our hearts, making eye contact, listening inside
  • EYE CONTACT produces oxytocin – love hormone (opposes cortisol)
  • Physical and emotional safety are different things
  • We are hungry for contact and connection
  • Emotional connection can only happen when you slow down, breathe, and get into your body
  • There is a massive hunger for love and connection in our world right now
  • We CANNOT FILL THAT LONELY EMPTY UNWORTHY SPOT – from the outside –people or things, busyness/distraction!
  • When we don’t have the emotional safety – we tend to close our hearts off to the same connection we actually all need as humans to THRIVE
  • Why we struggle with emotional intimacy – HUGE EPIDEMIC
  • The more we get present to ourselves the more we can connect to others 


“If I slow down, I can move faster”

“We need to learn how to bring LOVE into every aspect of life”

“If I was not safe to show up in my family and be all of who I am, then we turn our cup upside-down”

“Mindfulness and awareness give us choice”

“Show up, be present, love as much as I can and do whatever is in front of me”

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