Rituwell™ Create Yourself

December 2022

Rituwell™ Create Yourself - A 21-day immersive experience


Rituwell™ Create Yourself Program is a 21-day immersive experience for those who want to create change for themselves – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


When your choices are intentional AND consistent, you can create the outcome you want vs. being pulled back into conditioned impulsive habits that don’t serve your health or goals.

Humans need four things to create sustainable change:

  1. Repetition
  2. Consistency
  3. Accountability (Community)
  4. Persistence

This program will focus on building the above so that you can intentionally create the life you want and move closer to your goals.

After 16 years of practice as an ND, I feel that knowing the WHY behind your action is KEY to showing up and ultimate success.

If you're feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, unmotivated, the list goes on... then this program is for you!


This Program Is For You If...

  • You are looking to start your day with intention, gratitude, and inspiration
  • You are  looking to create positive change but have been struggling to get there on your own (think health, relationships, habits)
  • You are a wellness seeker looking to up-level, grow, and be inspired within a community.
  • You are looking to start a morning practice and need the accountability and structure of a group to do it! (P.S. I could NEVER stick to morning study consistently on my own)
  • You have a current morning practice – but you want the power and magic of community!

I cannot wait to take this journey with you!


"Honestly I'm not a morning person, but [Create Yourself] forces me to get up, get things rolling, and do something before myself before I have to do something for anyone else. [...] I feel like I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing at exactly the right time."

- Create Yourself Participant

"This is such an amazing, powerful and life changing program that touches every area of your life. It's helped me remain calm and balanced all throughout the day and leaves me feeling excited, determined and empowered to accomplish my goals."

- Create Yourself Participant

Dates and Details


Create Yourself will run from Monday, December 5th – Friday, December 23rd (excluding weekends)

*All sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

This 21-day immersive experience will kick off with a 60-minute educational workshop to understand the science and intention behind this experience. After 16 years of practice as an ND, I feel that knowing the WHY behind your action is KEY to showing up and ultimate success.

*This session will happen on zoom – LIVE in real time. It will be recorded if you cannot attend live.


What's Included


Daily accountability in a community of like-minded people all focused on accomplishing their goals. You'll also get access to the daily readings and recordings.

Daily Calls

We start with a 1 hour kick off call on December 5th at 10am ET!

Daily sessions will be held Monday – Friday from 7:00 – 7:20 am. 

The video will be off since it is early in the am – so no pressure! It is encouraged that you show up live as much as possible. We aim for progress, not perfection. So if you miss a call – listen to the recording and do the practice at some point in the day!

Weekly Calls

20 minute sessions on December 15th and 22nd at 12:15pm (*These sessions will happen on Zoom, camera on, and recorded if you cannot attend live)

Session 1: Accountability & connections

Session 2: Wrapping up & sharing wins

"We are on day 3, and I can already take one part of the script off because it's come true. JUST WOW!"

- Create Yourself Participant

"When I am doing these practices I am a million times happier, more productive, and more positive, and actually make the things I want in my life HAPPEN!!"

- Create Yourself Participant

"I'm feeling very inspired. Although I must say, I'm a little surprised by how setting my intentions every morning makes stuff happen!! Love it!!"

- Create Yourself Participant

I'm Dr. Jodi Larry, ND


Dr. Jodi Larry is a Toronto-based naturopathic doctor (ND) who has been in practice since 2006. She had utilized natural health remedies since age 10 when an ND cured her of health issues that western medicine failed to remedy.

Dr. Larry runs a private practice and group wellness program founded on her mission to give people the knowledge, tools, and support they need to become their best version. In addition, Dr. Larry is the CEO and Founder of Rituwell™ - a wellness brand dedicated to teaching people the foundational principles of health - mind, and body.

Dr. Larry’s work is based on her fundamental belief that our health stems primarily from the foods we use to fuel our bodies and the environment we foster in our minds and hearts.

Proper self-care comes only when we establish a positive relationship with ourselves. From this place, we can begin to make positive choices for our bodies. After 16 years of practice as a Naturopathic Doctor - Dr. Larry believes five important rituals set the foundation for your health. They are Movement, Clean Food, Self Compassion, Gratitude, and Community.









The choices you make today impact your tomorrow!!

Rituwell™ Create Yourself



Save $100


If you have any questions about the program – feel free to email me anytime: [email protected]